Sharp Mouth

Little Teeth – Suha’s Aphasia (demo)

This is one for the your experimental drawer, your left-hand draw; those drawings you sometimes warm to;

for Little Teeth are a three piece, pieces of complex crackling kindling in a fire, thankfully still alight (through temporary break-up) – since brother Marcus brought back the band’s debut LP from his 2008/9 days at now peacefully dormant Absolutely Kosher (apfos’d in younger days). The songs are usually striking, generally fraught…and fragile…but always alert, energetic. The creativity is clear. I find the stress and pitch of the vocals sometimes saddening, like darting eyes and call of a bird choking, chasing the mirror of movement, seen. Yet the finish, the atmosphere of the pieces burning, the instruments gathered, i find the finish and the atmosphere settling, endearing and sometimes quaint.

This song is worth the entire listen, it refreshes and provokes.

Expect a new album from Little Teeth this year.


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