Why are you friends with the people you are friends with and not friends with the people you are not friends with – why are you songs with the music you are songs with and not songs with the music you are not songs with

Think back to the first time you heard one of your favourite songs
If we don’t make you do that then what do we do?

When you are ______, you might as well have no friends
When you are ______, you might as well have no songs

Fill in the gaps…
They fill in the gaps
They come and go
Those gaps

One day something ________________________________



and you couldn’t have tried if it hadn’t occurred to you to try
extending to the most distant endings of you, your body has its whole thing going on
some of it tries when some of it doesn’t, your body is a spectrum of trying

my heart is full-on trying

This is the phenomenology of an experience had on

h t t p s : / / s o u n d c l o u d . c o m / h i s n a m e i s l u k a / s h i m m e r

but without the gaps, now

the reason is that you created a reason before the context and you made friends, songs, with that reason, like movement in your fingers, like an ache ending in your head, like his laugh or your silence. Think back to the first time you heard one of your favourite songs. If we don’t make you do that then what do we do?

Johann Gottlieb Fichte called this reason the Zweckbegriff, the purposive concept.

If this all seems opaque, then try it for yourself; in that indeterminate future, go out into the world and see a song and listen to it over and over again whilst you do what you were going to do anyway and by the end reflect upon the psychological phenomenological connection that you now have to the thing you think about, you the reason you ended up with.


is all obscenely fallingly waking up meaningfully related to the new release beneath the question because LUKA has here threaded the most beautiful intransitive SHIMMER, her voice, of Laura Darlington between what

can be safely called a great song, a great new release

, a perfect execution of 21st century rhythm that catches all the tufts of connections between one strand and another; the pluralist mid-frequency percussion; for me a highlight is the rusted chords that come in and out over the course of the song, for me a highlight is listening to this song over and over and slowly working out that the words being emitted are along lines of

“f l o a t i n g   r e a s o n ” 

that collocation right there, the body of this post; as if freedom was somehow separate to fate, as if fate was somehow separate to freedom?! doesn’t look like it, doesn’t sound like it, floating vs. reason,

thanks Fichte,
thanks more Luka
and your new single called SHIMMER

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