With various uni deadlines rolling towards me in the next few days things are pretty hectic and I am going through more and more ever-desperate ways to combine reading and revising with listening to music. I spend a ludicrous amount of time trying to sculpt the perfect study playlist. 8tracks have a few good ones worth checking out, but I still find that after an hour maybe I start exploring the internet for new music, interesting jobs to send speculative applications in for and videos of cats.

But my new technique which half works and is, if nothing else, a lot of fun is to find tracks like this Shlohmo remix and read aloud the stuff i need to learn. Makes you sound crazy and it’s largely unacceptable in a library BUT you feel like a champion and after a while you stop listening to music and find yourself latching onto the words you are saying and I find it helps the information seep in.

So there you go, a brief and slightly bizarre insight into how I have been listening to music these last few days. Real, honest, hard-hitting journalism.




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