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The Argonauts – Ellafrell

This is an ‘every so often’ uncharacteristic post inconsistent with usual incoherent and lively atmosphere that exudes from your clickings on apfos.

I sense this is a busy time, otherwise Marcus might have had some music to talk about since my last excitement about Oxy-Yan. One of the reasons I feel at home on this blog is because each post is worth something; each word of each post build up pillars for a ceiling under which I sit looking out the name-scratched windows of a train often taken, thinking about…everything. It’s not a constant dribbling feed of sound/music/genres that got our attention for, say, 30 seconds before we realised it was cool and most definitely ‘blogable’ . the price of this is a slight intermittency to my input, but nonetheless I hope, sincere.

The fact of the matter is, I love a girl called Ella and I bought an egg-timer that looks like an egg recently and I’m really excited about both of these things.


The Argonauts have a flair that comes through their live-recordings; enough to remind me of seeing them play in a village hall in Harwich. I love being and feeling down to earth with them and their believable stories of conversations with girls enticed by wankers and who don’t like change.


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