Sink Away



So we’re back. Everyone breathe normally. It’s been a funny thing bringing this thing back to life as to be honest the people who care most are George and myself. Obviously websites are built to experience traffic but it’s been refreshing knowing that we are mostly doing this because we love to do it and we have missed doing it. The long phone calls into the night and long into the drink between George and I and the endless discussion about both the smallest details and the most abstract have been hugely rewarding and we are both really excited to find out just how we actually run this thing and if there’s any response!

If you are reading this thankyou very much.

Other big thankyous go to Victoria Mcginness for redesigning the site from scratch. We love the new look but bear with us as we iron out the kinks as we go.

Huge thanks also to everyone who has helped the blog over the last 4 years. Dan, Milly, Maddie, Tom, Andrew and Kathleen in particular for writing so many amazing posts, serious big ups.


Sothko – Sink Away

I deliberated for too long and for too hard about what track to kick things off with. My rough premise has always to write about things that aren’t readily available on a cursory scan of Hype Machine and the rest of the blogging community. Looking back though my Bandcamp account I saw this old gem which I remember being amazed hadn’t snagged more across the blogosphere.

Sink Away is oozing, bleached out, reverb-on-all-channels groove which plays on the senses. Shimmering programmed strings almost sound like an apocalyptic female chorus accenting the distant raised male half-chanted lyrics. It’s like listening to a master puppeteer losing himself in an ever growing scene of heat and chaos and intoxication.

Hopefully by the time you read this far you have reached the 24 second mark? It’s pure drama but is such a good way to make the song jump out from under the surface of the bath water and drag the listener under into the boiling hot world underneath.

This is the lead song off Sothko’s EP “03:45, North Sea Hardcore” which your can pay as much as you want for on that link. The whole thing is amazing.

Go buy it.



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