Sit Back Steady

There are songs that seem to know things of you, like if you’d known you wouldn’t have energy at a later date then you shouldn’t put the energy in now. There are songs that let minds switch off, nothing easily translated in lyrics or words on a page, just energy. It’s helpful to have the ability to listen to music and worded sounds without hanging onto every utterance and articulation as if it were holy. The fact is there are a million ways in which the song is directed, but the true way is how you hear it when you step back.

So, the situation I have adjusted? I’m feeling quite tired after 6 hours of driving, my mind is a mute, it needs no reminding or massages of wordy kind, just the physical, the sound as waves, the vibration kind. Something novel I haven’t heard before will do, something I don’t know the words to.

Yep, this one’s up; Anat Navarro‘s;  a simple piano structure, her beautiful voice and a positive outlook.

Steady as she goes

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