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These are the tags of the uploads of julie stokkendal.

If the lower frequencies are, let’s say, taken up by the same old rumble of an engine in the bus that takes you somewhere away, -t-ward

In that EQ I can well place this song and this singer as a sound to soft thoughts that we say we have, occupying the higher^ ..

a sort of ‘yes’ for a sound like soft thoughts, don’t they, like landscape indeterminately, murmuring relatively, lines

the platform, the voice that makes you believe, the voice in which you believe that movements and penetrations and transitions and alterations are figures of soft thought, perfect yet incomplete

the voice in which you find your head against a wall, mouth against a window, others look on in a kind of

insatiable intercourse, grey, good; stokkendal’s uploads don’t bore, the opposite of brash – they are hands-on knees, the brushstrokes of a realisation in transit, on bridge, the pause before the B.

la la la

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