Sleep Well

Geotic – Unwind

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Girl, with so much emotion, welling and mounting up inside your veins and your body. You feel like the skin is containing everything you don’t know how to say. And he, he stands so close in front of you, watching your eyes glaze over, trying not to say the things he feels – for he knows they will grow up inside you; you might even faint. So he bids a farewell that will last forever into the night and the dark hours away, he bids a farewell which for that one intense moment seems almost permanent. He leaves. You were standing there. He rests his head on the bus seat in front of him, tremors shaking up to his head until he can’t breathe for the feeling of it all. And then. Then he deep-breathes and dazes over into the stars and street-lamp eyes that he can see in his position to the bus window, he lets all the intensified inexplicable emotion that has mounted up within his chest grow outwards… Until it fills his whole entire being.

As I unwind, I start to feel that glow again, that glow that is you in my excitable center: I will see you tomorrow. Just let us unwind first. Let us breathe and inhale the sea around our dreams. Let us regain focus. And sleep.

I don’t know… it seems raw to post such music in such an impersonal way. We should not make a song and dance about it all, not about Geotic. It’s legal to download this kind boy’s most recent music for free, I’m sure you can find out where.


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  1. […] Geotic creates a whole new world, a new atmosphere, a new vision. Smoothing edges to the jagged mountainous mind; he applies rain to the dry, and warmth to the cold. Increasing lifeful feeling inside, he increases Sunday. Great great great ambient sound. This Ep is sounding miraculous on the first-five-listens. It’s definitely continuous; there’s a continous steady rhythm of throbbing kick drum throughout. It reminds me of my xxGFxx’s heartbeat. Happy times […]

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