I’m a sucker for a song or songs with lyrics about parts of cars, I think there’s some complex reasoning for that, engineering vehicular semantic fields perhaps resonate with the way I am taught to look at myself, as if we’re all drivers and the brain’s in the driving seat. Bullshit. This is the kind of thought that occurs to me during a gig except the thought takes one tenth of the time and words and expresses itself with some kind of twitch of my limbs, the kind of sway/nod/tap thing you do when you’re dancing but not quite dancing, just moving to the music.

These songs do that really well actually, transporting the listen into another place, from brightly lit bedroom to dark feeling 9pm gig in the town, friends doing something similar somewhere nearby. This album of Luckless(‘)totals(,) the kinda thing that seems a timeless genre, that heavy-feeling slow rock music orchestrating a kind of emotional meditation in the rhythm of the sensuous population we are and will continue to be, since as long as I can remember.

This is vintage communication of a melodic mind – something pretty prominent right now – her voice that has that unhurried integrity to it – nothing-gets-crossed-out sort of intonation between the lines, between the chords, drawing broad lines between pronouns, each finger fairly visible on the guitar’s mouth, teasing out the embrace from between the bit where we watch her words move and the bit where it all opens up into a strong relaxing endlessly comforting instrumental wave of untiring -ccccccymballlllll- trust and untensed and emotional like a long day, somewhere in between a bed and body looking up at a stage where all the music is making itself so very unimaginably real

Better Than Being Blue is surrounded and surmounted by equal signs of firm-headed rock variants, an album, a kind of anagram of some kind of melancholic source that transforms from solitary to sick to solids over the course of their durations: by the end your organs are pummelled softly with something not too dissimilar to your present unchanged understanding of what it is to have a sense of driving rhythm, driving purpose, driving metaphors sentence structures you know you always get them somehow through the lines.

Roll on -thanks for being submitted and sorry I didn’t see because I was doing my exams, this isn’t the only one, there’s a ton of submissions in May that caught the inbox whilst I was absent in the working world.


(it’s good to have been writing regularly over the last few! hello from me and marcus and please continue your submissions and support, it means good, f’real)

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