Songs for Drying Off

Linda Perhacs is an American psychedelic folk singer, who released her first album Parallelograms in 1970 to scant notice or sales. The album was rediscovered by record enthusiasts and grew in popularity with the rise of the New Weird America movement and the Internet. It was reissued on CD and 2-LP in 2005, and again in 2008.

Her songs have been featured in soundtracks to many films including – blank page –

– Upright enough for the ebb tide – brittle enough for the service collection – worked up enough for the midnight transaction – cradled enough for the car journey – grey enough for the system dialogue – see-through enough for the foot-notes – ascertained enough for the indoors – embracing enough for the sensitive skin – clear enough for the diary entry – entered

The above slogans printed on old blotchy paper

And Pinned slightly

Above the bed shoulders

Aftermath hyper daze contained

Memorised and mould

Flats of dark

A current to current

Present to present

A towel wrapped around to solve everything

Into the evening lights, with the music.

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