Soon Enough

Welcome to a friend a few minutes of folk – Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles – a release coming soon, beyond Aug in Sep, on the fourth, the third word beginning with f..f..f..far away this preview takes me, Soon Enough, or maybe it fortifies me within some best beloved same good fresh air place, where each beginning of each sentence sounds familiar. All I know is… All I know is! Erin through the speakers has a way of self-control / outward-collateral in her pronunciations and her message / their meanings in between the words as much as contained. And the band’s whole noise is well directed, reminding me of all sorts of objects like distant hammocks and platforms and comfortable kitchen floors, the kind of objects that are keepers, good folk, looking forward – these minutes signal something to look forward to once August passes once more.

The song exclusively premiered around this time last month on 

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