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  1. English California « A Pocket Full Of Seeds

    [...] He’s stirring, moving around, making me wish the atlantic ocean wasn’t quite so spacious. Conor Oberst has got a few gigs around California in the next few weeks [starting today] but then that’s probably big news out there. I was thinking how Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes are really not household names in Britain… I’m always keeping an eye out for a trace of the evident gigantic army of happy teenagers and older that resides frequently on the htmls of the WWW singing the greatest and deserved praise for him. Never satisfied I am. There’s an amazing video here of Oberst in his element (from two years ago). The little girl singing along is probably sublime. I love her in a friendly way (that’s @ 11.55). Would love to hear some internation perspectives on Conor as a whole, I think of him as probably the most talented musician and song-writer of this decade. But you probably guessed? [...]

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