Spin Me All The Way Round

Pale – Two Wrongs

There’s so much going on in this song and it’s delivered so well in the vocals and lyrics that you can’t help but visualise it. To open a song with such an incredibly well built intro and then the line “Sit round till something get’s started” is gold for me. In fact in that first line or 2 Pale lay out the entire song. Getting lost, spinning round, got some way to go, come right away, going back. There’s a journey and process going on throughout this track that all stems from the initial parting of ways. And the question that immediately follows “Now what do you see?” hangs so well triggering images and memories. The one thing that doesn’t move throughout the track is the cold heart. The deeper we get, the further we go, the colder we get. It’s a phenomenal thing when a songs engages a listener so vividly and genuinely even though the lyrics are travelling between 2 people we have never met. 

The whole Two Wrongs seem to be when the two parted ways overlap and “you come back, when you come down, when you come around” and that’s enough for me to infer that the other path matches the one we hear about here and when they cross the symmetry is complete: just as cold, just as scattered and just as fucking painful. That symmetry is almost comforting but in the worst possible way and it makes the song title such a killer. What do you do with a break up that hurts both people? Two wrongs don’t have to make it right because there is no good way out. You just need to write a song about it, or a blog post.



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