We seem to be out of sorts at APFoSHQ. I’ve been caught up in house-moving, abstaining and procrastinating. I also fell into a September blues of sorts, devoid of new music and buying tickets to nostalgic reunion or retrospective shows. But it’s October now. I’ve listened to the new Future of the Left record, my ears have perked up and all is well. To that end, we’ve got business to attend to.

I don’t know anything about Oliver Fox. He didn’t spam email us, he didn’t post on our Facebook, he hasn’t even released anything as far as I can tell. This is a damn shame. I accidentally bumped into his music trawling twitter.

And what music it is. Shuffling, filtered drums and restrained jazz guitars and key-stabs sneak this track along. The textures flowing all over Fifty Frames are versatile and inventive, automated builds and releases satisfying the ear from start to finish, and although the music is very electronic, it has an organic, homely feel, ideal for a Sunday evening. And those drums.

He casually blends lazy skipping drums with a rigid clap, a topographical marker which situates you each bar. As the hi-hats lead you astray the claps draw you back in, creating a languid flow, which the steel drums, reminiscent of Jamie XX’s Far Nearer, accentuate. Gurt lush.

Anyhow. We shall be excitedly waiting for this guy to put out some more music. Tropical Summers Forever.

Remember when everything we posted was accompanied by a free d/l? Here ya go.

Tom xx

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