Still full of seeds

Let’s face it, music isn’t really music anymore, music don’t wanna be music anymore – let’s face it
let’s face those words like we face numbers – and when was the last time something wasn’t used to something do something else
you’re not used to it, that’s fine
take space take time

Let’s face it, memories aren’t want they used to be,
not when they worked up into waves and uploaded like
you know?
that receding feeling as one track loops onto the next, ongoing –
indiscriminate good vibe, hell legends to that –
This music takes fuck all talent
I’m not talking about the song
I’m talking about I’m talking about the gig I went to where I learnt for the first time that the people everyone is talking about, the celebrities are the people who were able to piss the most amount of people off

They could only piss so many people off because they were so popular

This popular isn’t popular anymore, the scene’s moved on, I heard the scene doesn’t listen to the scene anymore. I heard the scene’s lost looking at something something something else nothing on a main road, trying not to feel ill, trying not to be shit

Yet, still, if you follow, you’ve been listening
that’s the .

If you love 夜間飛行 as much as I do and <the bit where the singing comes in> then go over click and click again, clock it – earn your next social

If you’re as lost in love as your music friend is and you’re feeling great and you dig slwslw 

So much of the internet is automated these days that the things you did on it you can’t take responsibility for it
We are so obviously an interdependence of news feeds and automatic scrolling, links – you may be an individual explorer sometimes, but you can’t help knowing that you have a link to thank for everything you find valuable, and that link has a person just like you to thank

This could be called infinitely regressive thanks

The best meta gets written whilst listening to Habit
Does a better compliment exist
Can music really ever be complimented by something that isn’t likewise
Music compliments music
You compliment me

Sleep time – happy listening

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