Leave your lyrics for December and clutch onto your computers. Be ready for the kitchen disco when the new year meets you. Tell your friend to learn how to mix on Ableton and then tell him to include these two tracks by Hamburg-based Bnibs. One fast-feet moving jerky catching goodness track, Lake Heights feat. Daniel Lo Presti, and another slowish but completely doobiewoobie track, Odd. I feel like a bit of a cool music fan blog-guy for finding this person (with 23 followers on Soundcloud!!!). This is the best thing to feel. …Admittedly though, this feeling is slightly dampened by my self-inflicted internal turmoil after using the hideous word that is ‘doobiewoobie’: definitely a ‘Win some/Lose some’ situation.

HOWEVER, a ‘win some/win some’ situation is Bnibs. He will win your head with these two tracks, only then-after to win your heart and limbs with his October-released Harmonia EP.

Their eyes looked grey, as the trees moved in the wind. The grey, like the stone’s emotion,

that has been stirred a long time in the ocean. Ihre Augen sahen grau aus, als die Bäume im Wind sich bewegten. Das Grau; wie das Gefühl eines Steines, der

eine lange Zeit im Meer umgerührt wurde. Und so can we please the time nehmen, one time the stars zu erkennen. And so können wir bitte take die Zeit,

to acknowledge einmal die Sterne. Die Sterne, die wir schon immer gesehen haben. Die Sterne, die uns umgaben, als wir

das Kino verlassen haben. Sie haben mir alles erklärt, sie haben mir alles erklärt. Ich versuchte dir zu erzählen aber ich konnte nicht. Ich konnte das nicht. I couldn’t find the words or the sentence structures. I couldn’t find the right colours to paint my face, the right lines to etch my head.

Es war alles zu kompliziert. It was all too complicated.


Bnibs – Lake Heights (feat. Daniel Lo Presti)


Bnibs – Odd


Bnibs – Harmonia EP (bandcamp)


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