It’s unlike us to post an entire album, but then again it’s unlike albums to be as good as this. Even at almost a year old Submotion Orchestra‘s Finest Hour still rolls and breaks along, perfectly full of energy and yet still almost absurdly understated. The sound reminds me of Belleruche in that it combines the traditionally electronic genres with an acoustic, organic vibe which is hard to beat.

Choosing the right music to soundtrack these next few weeks is pretty important for me. Job applications have come good and the blog is flexing the occasional muscle in good directions which brings in a huge amount of satisfaction. But at the same time exams are exams and it’s good to do good in exams. So rather than trawl through 8tracks for study mixes which just end up leading me on a day long tangent of musical discovery I’m sticking to a diet made up purely of Submotion Orchestra, Belleruche and 2 playlists in my iTunes (Claudia Mix and Blaz Mix). I might dabble in a bit of arrange, some Griggleschpot and, if things get really bad, some Ludovicio Einaudi.

What will probably end up happening is I will spend days typing up a Malcolm Middleton interview we did yesterday followed by endless tweaks to the blog design, then sorting out the multi-blog mixtape we are hosting on Monday, then getting my festival diary together, then doing some promo for the gig we are curating on the 10th May in Exeter with Said The Whale


“What you do instead of your work is your real work.

-Roger Ebert


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