Summoning an Indianapolis Summer


Did you enjoy the sunny bank weekend? Well, that shit is long gone now thanks to British weather’s Old Testament giveth and taketh approach to sunshine. No worries, though. As the grim weather dulls your senses at least your ears can cosy up with two minutes of unadulterated summer vibes thanks to Ajené Tha.God’s “Heart & Soul.” This is fresh off Ajene tha.God’s POTGE mixtape and the track is as solid its emcee’s beard.


POTGE is an acronym for “Product of the Golden Era” and this track is soaked in admiration for the 90’s wealth of sun and blood splattered funk infused hip hop. Ajene definitely isn’t the only recent rapper to articulate his nostalgia for this bygone golden era – Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” and Chance the Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses” are just two mainstream examples of this increasingly common aesthetic. What makes this effort stand out is its ability to completely immerse itself in a sound that’s nearly twenty years old and not sound derivative.

We could sit here all day analysing trends in modern hip-hop and present each other varying hypotheses, but hell just look out your window. It’s almost June for Christ’s sake. Let’s just enjoy this respite and give thanks to Indianapolis’ Ajene tha.God.



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