Mick Squalor has the pillar of a -hesitation- palace that got all disheveled and destroyed and forgotten about 0.1 * 10^5 Brian Lara scores a century years ago and he’s carrying the pillar in his arms like a traffic cone in the early morning and it’s an open kitchen door with his smile around the hinge to say

“hae i got dis pillar and hae … let’s cook egg”, doing an impression of three simpson characters at the same time

Mick starts up and joins the band with a sock on his toe and two teeth for fingers as he yeahhs away at cardboard cut-out pavements, cutting up stripes on the floor before he crosses them

And makes a little haste to get to the thing on time

because his brother Alex and his girlfriend Krista and his friend Ben are waiting singing for him to come so they can do a rehearsal or whatever this SuperGlu band must have to do in order to sound so seamless and sentient in the structure and so fucking fun at the edges

It’s a band to find yourself at the edges edging closer without knowing the girl boys singing that you want to see clearer and to dream with like we do as film extras at the sides of a tangled colour film, watching it all throng, up, beat, as if in the past, the soundtrack could be this, it could be this, the goofy credits, the bit with the kiss, the bit with the newspaper and the huffing sound, the bit with the roundabout and you’ve got goosebumps because you’re feeling something

This guitar song band pop out of the window rock and it’s just when the night’s kneeing nodding off, making a little, YES, haste -again- …to release their thing on time before all the fucks fuck off back to numb-town where knees and nods-on acknowledgements gets you fuck all in the real world

Real-world feeling now though, head beats a radio’s on, tuning, it’s all getting released on time
This release is totally on time.

And you’re on time too (or actually we’re both a month late) – I direct you to Superglu’s first release called Diving Bell and I encourage you to press play again and stop getting all scrolling down with the stuff stuff…

I just listened 20+ or however many times of Diving Bell get scrunched good into an hour of writing and it’s 9.30 in the morning, the song is working better than ever and it’s insane energy, we’re insane energy, this is all insanely good – quick! go go go! Like Superglu on Facebook!

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