System by which a mind is governed

new tracks by

The Caulfield Beats


Rain Dance


Cannibals pt. iii

To these new songs of tCBs, occur more loosely-expressed distorted and sculpted vocal chords. On listening, I feel slightly exposed to the ominous tongue of messy aggression and vague tribes, vague arpeggios, expression through faces and eyes. Violence, for one, almost becomes a circular love-song, but there’s expressed a sense of inevitable humane paranoia or dishevelled doubt that I can’t shake out my hair; it drifts out over that last part of the chord sequence like a sceptical teacher telling me what he ignorantly speculates of all these off-limit unlikely gooey fairy-tales.  There’s something primitive/precise/dangerous yet all the time engaging that flares out every single bpm in pretty much every song courtesy of this project. After hearing Cannibals pt. iii, Dust | Bowl, Rain Dance and Violence all in one go, I should be feeling largely scared/uneasy yet I’m not, because the structure of my mind is so that each harmonious mastered rhythm slots perfectly within, optimising my incentive to react to it, my incentive to suddenly stand up and let off some steam. By engaging my self to linger on messy insecurities like those that reside in doubt, paranoia, aggressive rioters & vertigo in a way that makes my brain come alive with rhythm, this music becomes really intelligent and, simply, good.

New tracks aside,
The Caulfield Beats are gigging around London amongst other resorts.


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