We don’t need to talk.

Shamu and his Mysterious Whales – She’s Only Got Eyes For You

This song came to our inbox from a fellow called Pedro

His email read thus:

Subj: listen to this

Just listen http://snd.sc/ihvrgH

And that was it, I couldn’t help not clicking just to reward such a change from the hyperbole-riddled, twitter-saturated adverts for some gig in a country I don’t live in which make up a worrying portion of blog submissions these days.

Thankfully the music matches the message. Big fan of the clattering snare drum which combines well with the vocals that have the shit vocoded out of them leaving a digitally distorted noise singing about adolescently unrequited love. Maybe goes on for about 30 seconds too long but I would rather have a song that goes on for 30 seconds too long than another e-mail with news on the latest DJ REMIXEZ.

Good work Pedro.

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