That Wave

A sure fire way to catch this blogger’s intention is to submit music that sounds somehow similar to Modest Mouse or Broken Social Scene. These are no easily pleased feet; those two bands possess a subtlety in terms of their popularity and appeal. This artist does the latter. And it’s a tongue in my cheek that lets me blindly open a complementary post on a budding multi-instrumentalist with a band drop; a ‘similar artist’ spin. Something about doing that seems so shit these days. Every real moment of multi-music sounds like itself, not like something else… At least, that’s something I’d say to the 20xx idealist who sits in my ears and who wants everything green grey and blue, good, closable, true. So let’s move on

The first song picked me up on “I’ve found a middle way”. It then did a fifth dimensional thing and refrained and made “I’ve found a middle way” its refrain, no-one even asked it too, but it did so anyway and did it keenly into the grooves of an evening lull, now loving once more.
Found a middle way And it’s that way that has me on the third song of a collection called Keep Riding That Wave, that middle way, and I’m looking back at you, editing back at you, leaving enough time to progress and evolve, invisibly pressing enter again – it has me one the fourth song and the drums are in, that’s it, I’m soul’d: listen, burn it onto a disc, put it somewhere safe. AHH!

‘I’m soul’d’ I literally wrote that almost entirely because I was listening and I was singing along and the lyrics were saying something like “she’s alone”, which somehow sound some some kind of similarity between the syllables of being sold on something and of being alone retrospectively singing along in something like prose. This one’s got summer written all over it, the mechanics for your time machine in which songs are written and released unleashed in November and heard in June – you got it. Get it. Got it good ok SoundCloud where I listened. Bandcamp where you download^

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