The opening words to an interview with Hella Better Dancer in Summer of 2013

You’re getting close to something golden good that doesn’t diminish through time. The Bob Dylan the parents like, the vinyls etched in atemporal vibration, you need no fresh up-to-dateness when everything’s about the good rather than the new.

So here’s an interview I did 1 year ago to this month with one of this blog’s favourite bands, and one of the few indie artists whom we’ve followed consistently with an insatiable interest, Hella Better Dancer (above).


Sitting down…

what’s happened in the last year for you guys?

we’re a lot less nervous
I used to almost feel physically sick
Lot more comfortable, a lot more confident
with writing as well

our sound’s changed, though it’s hard to know how
we’re more punchy, more direct, a lot better at communicating things in our brain through music, articulating things

more pedals, more effects, more controlled

totally. + we’ve set up our set to make it as anxiety free as possible
it’s a different world to writing
when you’re writing and it’s good, you’re like “THIS IS SICK”
but when you’re playing live, it’s like “Ah, no”

Farao asked me ‘when do you know when the lyrics are finished?’

the lyrics are finished when I’m not embarrassed to sing them
when you’re working with other people, you have to say them to people, almost without the music, have to be prepared not to be shy

it’s a different world performing, you kinda change in a good way

… And so, you’re being lead down a stready sporadic excitable stream of agreement with band Hella Better Dancer, I talk to them after their performance at Leefest 2013, 1 year after I first saw them for the first time, with my brother for his first time as well, at the very same festival. These guys speak like a river, this time I’m the guy on the river bank, counting my peace, chilling but also trying to get a hold on similar aged heads with my microphone and my own nerves. The drummer Josh turned up half way through the above stream seamlessly, interjecting with ‘totally’ and his own version of the conclusion we’re all steadily arriving  at before a pause and they ask themselves what else they’ve done in the last year. I’m really engaged and my ears are tuned; this band are instantly golden on stage, and I’m over-excited to find they’re similar off stage as well.


to be continued…


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