The People (better known as Raw-Meat Eaters)


Loading Loading Loading. Eruption/Exhale. Or maybe drop? Yes. Probably drop. Most definitely swinging inwards with vigour. Pieces of sky and fragments of wave. Come together and make puzzle. Missing piece? Not likely. Lively insecure bass from


I’m not sure he’s of Inuit origin. Sure he is? I love The People. I like parties where pretty much no-one’s invited and part of the entertainment is a roaringly* warm fireplace. *Not a word. He’s no vicar anyway… The native canadian who kayaked through the Northwest Passage and over to Aberdeen back sometime in the 15th Century; she didn’t need a friend; she needed just the waves and the sky and the stars and the clouds and the wind and the fish and the salt and the common sense that she’d picked up from her family back home. Back home.

(eskmo) – Cloudlight


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God. This track came up in volcano style when I surrounded it with fog and a boring town. There were other lights, they’re weren’t flashlights. I had to open my eyes a bit, I had to really want to see. Yet somehow, this song could get to all of us, we just wouldn’t know how.

Big interview for A Pocket Full of Seeds coming in the next few days. This is like the DJ set before the big act comes on and it’s making me twitch and give off an incomprehensible sort of vibe.


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