The Shh

The Shh – Summer


Holidays before finals. I’ve had the trips to the French mountains, I’ve had the raucous parties and the full English breakfasts, I’ve even watched the golf. Suffice to say I have milked the time away from uni for every drop of leisure it has to offer. But on the not so distant horizon lies the life defining exams and stresses. So it is with a heavy heart that I go and find my books, sharpen my pencils and start to make lists of what I need to learn.

I always make a list of things I am allowed to use for procrastination. This blog is one of them, finding interesting jobs is another, cooking colossal meals feels very constructive and always makes the list.  This time around it’s going to be making plans for Summer, the first Summer in my life (except for the carnage of ’90 and ’91) which wont be followed by education.

I’m pretty sure it will be followed by The Shh who are just spreading the word about their new EP, The Burning Love. Thankyou kindly to our friends at Solo-fi for sending these noises our way, the opening track paves the way for the kind of boy-girl lo-fi which you can trace back through the last 25 years of popular music but tracks like Summer open up their sound with Karen O vocals and Scandinavian twee fringes. Absolutely lovely stuff which needs your ears stuck on it.


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