“the small soft-spoken woman with the big sorrowful voice”

Big-folk band-sound that sounds tight? Female-fronted Unnveig Aas from Oslo… Going from this song called Run, we are softly excited by astute lyricism upon the appropriate rolling drum rolling 3/4 rhythm with the swooning guitar notes and the sympatisch light-heavy emotive communicative way in which she sings many things like “park” and “knew” and “her” and “hands” and  “too” and “you”. Not to mention a proper bass guitar doing the most reassuring guitar thing from one note to the next – tight.

If it gets me here and now then it would get me there and then as it has apparently already successfully done at festivals across the land, from Norway to Bremen.

That’s about it for now (or then) – the song starts with an appreciated bang and then proceeds to tick this big box-shaped thing somewhere in the imminent present where everything is where it is and this Norwegian Folk hug is ruffling in and around the foreground, big togetherness to boot, easier tried than done, note the subsidiary pause where all the volume calms down and where it’s just her singing before –bang- and away we go-, the chorus! I will be continually loyal to this culture/structure/mould of sound. where the background is imaginably just sips, movements, social, dance-moves!, thoughts, doing their thing, doing their impression, the floor, the nature, the ecstatic energy of backing singers in unison… that’s about it for now… all good.

But it’s not! For these songs would not be as fun as they are if musicians wouldn’t always reveal their art through music videos and the music video for Run is breathlessly beyond cool, taking the story in and around this park that looks as real as it sounds, those perspectives and changing bits of unmemorable shade and that symbolically orange jogger who is imaginably contented with his position within the rom-com.

Being honest, thanks Unnveig Aas 

And their E.P that comes out 9. Oktober.

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