The Spurs of this Pocket

For me, this blog is not at all about always posting music I like to listen to and would recommend. It’s wholly about peculiar sentiments, mood-swings, the greater aesthetic, time I spent, things that summarise my daily page, thoughts and feelings they made. Moreover, the accumulated monthed archive on the left holds not simply a unitary chasm of ‘good review’ after ‘good review’, but rather a continuous thread of different thought and feelings, discontent and its unfolding content, fear and its hoped progressions, the backing tracks that came upon Me. Overall, I get to express my listening experience whilst also somehow positing enough simple engagement that allows artists and listeners, PR companies and Labels, friends and fans a positive wave to ride upon, hearts to click, links to share. If I am engaged in the music and I establish that basis through expressing my particular feelings and thoughts, then that basis will pass onto every other potential listener as a reason to listen themselves, and form their own opinions, feelings and thoughts. In this way, by externally disallowing my inner-reaction the hefty stylisations of /bad reviews/ and /good reviews/, ‘5 out of 10’ or ‘8 out of 10’, /best new music/ or /bad new music/, I can speak to everyone, alienate no-one, prevent prejudice, build justice and fit into the Open Mind that all we music fans possess at some level.

So, here we have a song that I rediscovered in our inbox, a video, a piece of art that for some reason spurred me onto the structuring of my style, explicating my instrument. And, given the generality of the subject-matter, the perhaps rare abstraction from the song itself into general talk, I would grant that I am indecisive about exactly which components are working on me: maybe the “you can be loved” sentiment, the onrolling unintruding rhythm, the soft sailing harmonious vocal-plane, the bass that revolves underfoot with easing embrace, the innovative visual expression of the theme of internal versus external in the video, the other themes;  they’re all featuring somewhere in that initial steady-headed analysis of what exactly goes on behind the scenes on my part of APFOS; no, I wouldn’t conform to the conventional music ‘review’.

So listen, read the title, the artist who appears to be named Orenda Fink, ‘like’, share, all on behalf of your thoughts and feelings that were roused somewhat; shun the idea of black and white, positive and negative, roll with it, help your enemies and give your demons a soft dance.

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