The Sunday School

The Sunday School. from APocketFullOfSeeds on 8tracks Radio.

Hello seedlings…or is that a touch condescending? It is Sunday and if there was ever a day to listen to music it was Sunday…so kick back because I went and made y’all a playlist, click through for a little run down of the tracks.

I started with Jim Cain by Bill Callahan. This is such a stately serene tune with the sort of subtle orchestration that made 2009’s Sometimes I Wish I were an Eagle such a pleasing listen, so let Callahan ease you into Sunday morning. Next up ‘Johnny Too Bad’ by The Slickers combines sunshine organ and guitars with the social awareness which has always been a part of reggae and the melody is terrific, at once solemn but catchy as well, the sort of song you’ll be humming for the rest of the day. Next Capital Steez with Dead Prez, ProEra have a great ear for beats and this track has that easy ‘back of a car on a summers day’ vibe, the piano sample reminds me of  Nina Simone the way it wanders so soulfully. Also RIP to Capital Steez his mixtape Amerikkkan Korruption shows what a talented young man he was.

Next The Wake by Billy Woods, his 2012 album History Will Absolve Me was one of my favourite of the year. The Wake is a brilliantly introspective track, this is a man reflecting on his life not his libido, success or swathes of money. This is mature hip-hop you feel like you’re listening to someone who has lived and has a story to tell. the beat is a dreamy piano line that accompanies his flow as he recalls painful and happy memories that shaped him. Shanty Town by Desmond Dekker boasts a classic reggae sound, something about the off-beat guitars and those soulful voices singing in unison is just guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

On A Neck On A spit‘ is a song I always find myself listening to on Sundays, perhaps its because its the only day where I have enough time to truly appreciate the scope and size of the song. This is Grizzly Bear at their emphatic best: beautiful harmonies, fluid time changes and Daniel Rossen’s ever-original guitar playing. It also showcases the bands ability to make a song explode into vibrant life, stop what you’re doing and enjoy. Hilarious Movies of the 90’s by Four Tet is a delicate beauty of a track, every little electronic beat and acoustic sample fits snugly into its place and the result of this instrumental preciseness is fascinating and elegant. I leave you with Lee Hazlewood’s My Autumn’s Done Come’, the strings in this track are lovely if not leaning towards cliche. However I urge you to listen to the words and you will hear a man who understand’s the value of relaxation. Furthermore his delivery is point perfect for the nature of the lyrics.

So I hope y’all like it and if you do this will be a weekly feature if not I offer my sincerest condolences.


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