The White Album @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

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Please welcome our new recruit, Ollie, complete with a live review of The White Album.



In the past few years, Scandinavian indie and folk artists such as Sigur Rós, The Tallest Man on Earth, and Kings of Convenience have gained steady followings in both the UK and the US. I was recently introduced to the music of the Danish group: The White Album, who look set to share in the success of their Nordic brethren. The bearded Copenhagen-based trio consists of 3 “fat but charming” (their own words) friends: Claus Arvad, Frederik Vedersø, and Jakob Eilsø who share vocal, percussive and guitar duties in equal measure throughout their set, with each member adopting the role of frontman at least once.

Beatles confusion aside, the group’s first offering, ‘The Album’ (available from their bandcamp for whatever you decide to pay for it) is an emotive display of passionate vocal harmonies and tranquil melodies spread across 6-tracks of clean, serene, folky brilliance. A likening to Bon Iver and Megafaun is inevitable, and not simply because of the beards and the snowy winters of their hometown. The album’s opening track: ‘Another’ gradually builds to a powerful final chorus and wouldn’t sound out of place on ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ with its acoustic melody and vocal harmonies, while the stripped-back banjo and simple percussion of ‘The Line’ is reminiscent of several tracks from Megafaun’s second album ‘Gather, Form & Fly’. The standout track of this impressive debut however, is ‘Guns And Ammunition’. The memorable hook and lyrical imagery of this four-minute mini-masterpiece truly exhibits the band’s song-writing ability and shows a confident and independent sound that makes the above comparisons seem irrelevant.

Live, The White Album perform their songs with passionate enthusiasm, and while they re-tune and switch instruments in between songs they address the audience with wit and humility. With their second mini-album “Conquistador” released on Popular Records on the 24th of September (available on iTunes and Spotify), and more UK shows in the near future, The White Album are joining a musical Viking invasion that I can get on board with.



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