These Days makes me think of those Days

Vondelpark is a park in Amsterdam. I’ve been there and in light of my experiences of the place I would argue that Vondelpark are one of those ever rarer bands who’s name reflect their music. Vondelpark is a wide open space where you can kick back and daydream without a care in the world (such carefree relaxation perhaps can be attributed to other things). California Analog Dream unfurls slowly and with ease and like a good day in spring it retains a balance of hot and cold or in this case laziness and rhythmic drive. The hushed delivery aptly blends in with the ethereal feel of the song which also features reverb harmonica which tends in my book to be a sure winner. Also I present you a video of Sebastian Tellier’s Le long De la Riviere Tendre because it has a relaxing effect when desperate sabbatical candidates are thrusting leaflets in your face on a Monday morning. 



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