Things Could Get Loud

The Red Show – Jack

The Amends – Depraved

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Maybe it’s because the best album in my car at the moment is an album by The Black Keys but these last few days have seen a few submissions form bands that know how to roll out blues driven rock music. I fact these two bands are so similar to each other I have to keep checking which one I’m listening to. The Red Show has a beefier set of power chords and has an amazing drum roll that accelerates through the middle. The Amends made their debut album completely on their own and has more of a garage sound and guitar solo that very quickly melts your face.

The obvious contemporary (ish) precursor for these bands is The White Stripes and if you really want get back to basics you could trace the family tree back to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and a fair few bands in between. And if you, like me, occasionally miss the bands that want to play good loud music then fill your boots.



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