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Solomon’s Hollow – Dakota

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I’m writing this whilst listening to this song for the first time more as an experiment than anything else. I like the element of resolution in a lot of the alt-country / nu-folk stuff that gets written these days. Dakota feels like it was written after a couple of nasty arguments which ended up just being down to a lack of communication, in fact it turns out that we were both talking about the same thing and we had no idea. Having a fight with someone can be such a relief in itself, why write down your thoughts in a journal when you can yell them across a room right at the person who needs to hear them most of all? other than yourself that is.

The downside to an argument is you can completely strand yourself, unlike a journal a person can leave you high and dry with just a question or a simple observation.

Moments of clarity and and revelation are packed into Solomon’s Hollow‘s music and I love it.

marcus (who had a bit of a fight last night)


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