Time Capsule #

I’ve been thinking a lot recently through the idea of ‘time capsules’. Reflecting on my currents through the eyes of the future, rather than of the embedded now. It’s a terrain of thought that is not unexplored. Figures of the day often remark upon the ‘right side of history’ and so on, and although such a mark betrays an old fashion of black and white objective categorizing – right and wrong – the transcendental spirit of future history is there, all lit-up, a moment of imagination.

So, I thought, instead of letting days pass for longer, innately inactive, I’d just post and posit something, some song that sits on the roof of my mouth day-in-day-out like a disk on a dashboard, but yet never finds the right moment for the outside fresh little pockets of air. That is, day-in-day-out, since a half-year or so. However.

I just want to say 2014’s new arriving Artifact #1 by Conor Oberst. This artist is the last of a century lineage of what everyone was excited about when progressivism became a common word. The last rock. Breath need not be caught nor sense made as genres and realities spindle off into the infinite particulates of a disillusioned plethora of localities because, after this 40-year-long revolution, Conor Oberst will be one of the few faint memories, still somehow fulfilling the globe’s global awareness – something I know I will play to my 6 future children, sitting around a dusty hum in an old Petrol car I found in an abandoned back-yard – the place I hid it all those years ago. They’ll be half-sleeping as we drive off into an old fashion of black and white hills. I hear some future past self reading this right now, doing some hard-lined analysis whilst surveying some grey white sky, breathing in deep breaths of petrol fumes, a contented haze, thinking about the sorts of things I think about now, but a bit differently.

Yes. Time-capsules are real. {} Essay be over now. All the above completely relate to the gorgeous embracing metadata that defines Artifact #1.

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