To Be There

Scott Hobbs & Soulmind – Joint Breaks Vol. 1: My Brain Weighs A Ton


This genuinely awesome 20 minute mix from Scott Hobbs and Soulmind is an absolute godsend. Having found myself at a bit of loss for some music to post tonight and not finding anything that even closely fitted the post I had in mind I delved back in to our submissions emails form a week or two back when there was no one around to check them. Lucky for everyone.

Summers should not be hectic but the best ones always are. Almost every day for the last week has had a new list of things get done before bed. As a result trips have been booked, old friends have been looked up, music has been made and genuinely great times have been had. Needless to say gas bills have not been paid and I have possessions and owed favours scattered across the country but no one has ever told you about that wonderful weekend when they paid the gas bill on time.

Also for you is a great stripped down song from David J Roch which will feature on his new album and an effortlessly catchy tune from Alex Clare


Alex Clare – Love You

David J Roch – Hour of Need




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