Tying Up Post Milinal

Once seeing a boy of my age, 19, on the tube train in London, wearing a full commuter suit and a tie, with vacant eyes, eyes dead pan forward, I gave myself the heeby jeebies, I defiantly slotted my thumbs through the rips in my hoodie, my ears enveloped, I made a point of looking dishevelled and anti-establishment. A soft enclosure of angst, electric guitars chording, words abusing, drums and choruses of shit wrapping; my eyes pounding on a boy on his way home from work.

But but but, another worded moment above of jibber-jabber heeby jeeby now seems like no moment to have passed, it wasn’t even a moment. Moments are real things like eye-contact in mirrors, nothing’s in their absence. Nothing. That tube train heeby jeeby was nothing, and so was that tittle tattle clattering noise that shook a shudder of a trifle trepidation in all post; that ‘ah no, actually, maybe we don’t have band’, the last post posted. Moments aren’t waited for, nor are they measurable, rememberable, they pass and all they leave is blanket of nothing, a nothing that at least lets us sleep at night; when the mind makes itself blank, and the feelings recline. So…

Milinal – Burn in Sky Ya

…in all this space, I put my tie on, in all its place, we have Burn in Sky Ya by Milinal playing in my ears in Finsbury Square, a long grey sky, polished squeaks, eyes dead-pan forward. A tangle of bass, ringings, wailing synth, guitar noise, stop-starts of rhythm; a flow of footsteps, screens, exclamations of the coffee man having my tea, finely plucked sleeve buttons, an automatic door opening, and closing.

Yes, Georg Hegel, some guy influenced my last post, We Have Band recorded it; that was what had me thinking in the car seat, driving, community. It’s a break-through post, a song I want to sing, to hear again. This post, Milinal, you’re a breakthrough post. The heeby jeebies hang their jelly heels on the old home coat-hangers, the new shoes are worn now, and their heels knock a stop-start step in a flow with all other minds, hearts and thoughts, music, the automatic doors are opening, and closing.

This song appears on Honey Meridian, a 2009 album by Yakovlev Valentin, as Milinal. If you like the songs above, I would recommend purchasing the album or listening to some more on his SoundCloud. (although this post’s Soundcloud shares are surprisingly freely downloadable)

Here’s one; beautiful surprise vocals half-way:

Milinal – Inner Vibrations 



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