Upbeat Sea

Morning arrives and it tells me I need to make amends for the evening passed. It all started with a dark blog post about a dark song combined with dark narrative about dark places. After that, it sidled to a pub and made little headway. I need to make amends because, like all drunk ends, this one lost its dreams, ended spinning on a thin fragile top, unable to relax.

Conor Oberst – Zigzagging Toward The Light

I am in two minds about whether to go to town and give my all on this blog about Conor Oberst‘s new album Upside Down Mountain. Give the biggest review. I’m in two minds because I have listened to it a lot and sort of want to get my thoughts about it off my chest, but, second, those thoughts seem too precious to let go of into a world of assumption, judgement and consideration. Real emotion and stirrings, ambitions and love, these things can be too easily passed off as ‘just another Conor Oberst review’.

Reading this paragraph back, it’s clear of all my moderate cynicism and inwardness that I’m still coming out of what was dark last night, still waking up, eyes opening, trusting people again. So, perhaps this post can just be a big +1 for one of the best hangover cure albums I’ve had (as well as one of the best albums I’ve had, but might get to that another time).

Conor Oberst – Hundreds of Ways

I was driven to this post partly because Marcus just put up the APFOS 8tracks mix for Latitude Festival 2014 (!!!!!), where Conor Oberst is in fact playing. But more significantly, I was driven by my coming across pictures of beach and sea, feeling uplifted, happening to have Hundreds of Ways on in the background, dreaming of going positively onwards to a sea with a mute mind and little words. This song literally embodies the rhythm of laughter in a sun-filled roof-opened car, it is the pure sound of  yellow flowers in hairclips caught by eyes cheeks smelling of a big bright Brazilian sun, or maybe even just Yorkshire, the snags and the creeking Bollies lit up golden in the background, there’s probably something to be held there too.


-There were two of these upbeat songs sandwiched in post above – see if it all rings true.

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