Last year I came across Vakula, a Ukranian producer, and his track Mama Said Go Slow, a brilliant deep house track , that is perhaps his most well known. To me Vakula‘s music is a mixture of jazz, deep house, and the cosmic but I don’t think that it can be, or should be, defined by any specific genre.

In March, Asuwant was released on Shevchenko [following the brilliant Linkwood release] and features up and coming artist Dices.  Asuwant is more dream like compared to Mama Said Go Slow, less hard but just as infectious. Its steady bass [played by Egoissst] carries the song through with piano and vocals floating throughout the track.

For me hearing Vakula‘s music introduced me to a whole new world of electronic sounds and anyone wanting more should check out his recent RA podcast and soundcloud which highlight Vakula‘s diverse skills as a producer and musician.



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