Tanned Legs


I’m a balancing top under this one and my sleeves are barely reaching the wrists of  a … Day irritant no more … An insect night flying no more … A trapped decay of a mid-afternoon no more … a light! There? Post! A face…



An EP on Bandcamp by, fingers stop, head not ache, voices dissipate, Van Wyk. Transposed onto the back of an old autumn leg crossed, brown arms crossed, the leaf folded up on itself and falling without -stop-.



If you listen you will link arms and fall with it all. And your toes. You will feel your toes more than you will feel your sad, your hangover, your impatience to just –



Toes will curl upon the strings of laces of weeds on the paving stones wet – chlorine, an absent friend called claustrophobia, whose freckles, whose legs shine the same glaring light like sun like a film you both watched last night, about love, about love or something. I love – no wait – I see through you, you sound, you salt, you sooth me. Quite something way. The music nods and nails another soft nail into the woodwork of my embrace, my forehead, makes me think of a film I feel. I’m in. I just want to – CL… I just want to clap so slowly my eyes, I shut, and clap out my tentative touching “demons”, the songs sound in and sense them too.



The forceful music is the music that coaxes your demons asleep, then cradles them away, with love, in light, from off your shoulders, from off your back: allowing you to stand again. The sad force of their music lets you stand again.



And low and behold, each song somehow ends, even though they all felt like endless, that endless quality of a person who sings purely like they’ve sung a resolution out of some prior silence, the endless quality of a song that breaks our silence; their own, your own, my own; the endless quality … of the ex-“mermaid”, the “deep”, the characters’ tandem, motions of a story told like used-to-be dreams, decisions, cut. Hurt. Dark. Dark in the long seas, the long limbs of alone, but standing now, not quite, quiet, a cut. Cut off on an untold journey like tails of… endless, diving. 3 songs. 3 breaks and spaces.



Van Wyk‘s voice, Van Wyk‘s songs on her EP called TANNED LEGS

As the day draws on, the more these spaces would like you to listen to them in your own, at your own, (not to mention your own priced download) – it’s a good world waiting.

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