Wake up Wake up Wake up

Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing

This woke me up today, about an hour after my other housemates. Having watched The Woman In Black last night (literally had to be restrained as I yelled and tried to climb over my seat) I was not totally happy with being the only person in the house, not for long with Hot 8 Brass Band. Being on your own in the house in the morning means you can pump this shit as loud as you need so that you can hear it everywhere. After that I just pretend I’m in an advert, make an extravagant breakfast with my shirt off and sing my head off to a completely different tune.

I have no idea if there has ever been an advert that resembles this morning’s routine, it wouldn’t be a great ad. But who cares? Today is a day for haircuts and assessed French presentations (La Chanson Française, est-elle mort dans la société française au-jour d’hui?), everything else is secondary.


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