Warm Bubbles in the Bleak

Teebs – Double Fifths

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When you really start to believe you’re walking in a bubble that’s bouncing off the bloody walls, you might be getting a little too self-indulgent. I’m pretty sure headphones are healthy, but maybe they make us look at ourselves a bit too much – to a point where it gets unhealthy? I mean, headphones’re a pretty huge metaphor for something equally huge, I’m just not quite sure what. This track is ‘bubbles’ of course, to say ‘bubbles inside you’ would be intensely graphic; not sure I’m known well enough to do that. Basically, Teebs is precise in communication despite his seemingly vague methods – I think that’s the key to all instrumental music. Since there’re no words, you are automatically saying ‘this track is not about another human being – and if it is, you’ll never know’. The whole message to this is one atmosphere, one dream, one position/perspective in the great big imagination you got eh? So Teebs does it well; paints it to the finest detail because no element of his creations contradict eachother in a baffling manner. I just think there’s a difference between spontaneity and contradiction in instrumental music and the former is obviously more desirable. Double Fifths is especially effective at drowning out the mundane repetitive conversations that I don’t want to hear in the mornings – I think my headphones are getting too big though!

And my numb relaxed humming that has flared up after a overdose of present progressive adjectives leads me onto one great big cosy rug of a remix. So pleasant and warm; I could stay with it all night.

Kelis – Brave (Dark Sky Remix)

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