Wash off the makeup and prepare the aspirin

BOY – Skin


I’ve posted this song before as an acoustic session but not the full version in all it’s glory.

Uni is drawing to a close, only 5 weeks left of the stuff really. The future holds all sorts of things, Summer internships in the big city with friendly people doing good work for interesting reasons, intensive courses to fulfill childhood ambitions, travels and adventures. But before I pave my way out of this beautiful corner of an island there things to do.

Couple of exams and essays of course, no surprises there. But the interesting stuff is still piling up. Things are in full swing for the second gig we are working on with Joe Bloggers (15th March, save the date!), I appear to be responsible for 200 people going skiing in a month which is exciting, I need to earn a few more quid at work to fund these hair brained schemes, 2 of my best friends are getting married in a few months and hot tubs need selling. I need to make this blog work harder to meet my unattainable demands that it be a shimmering power house of creative comment, a beacon in a sea of white noise and tumblr’d hype.

But first these essays need dispatching, things might be a bit quiet over the next 2 days but until then, here is BOY, they are phenomenal. They sing about gin, which reminds me of Song, By Toad.com but they don’t swear very much so the comparison is not complete.


Stumbled across a fantastic graphic designer yesterday and everyone should go check her out. This is hers below.


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