We do good.

Luminary Youth – Jets To Bangalore (MemoryHouse)

Uni is turning a bit bleak. No one is getting enough sunlight and workloads are stretching away into the infinite. Spare time is spent comparing how shit peoples day has been and calling in favours.

The eeriest thing about this collective anxiety is that we are all vaguely aware of this glowing idea of a perfect future which is floating in the sky somehow managing to be light years away but also staring us in the face. Some people are busting a gut to land a graduate placement clicking money across oceans while others are paving various ways to stay in education for at least one more year. It all seems to be an effort to one day have a wife, kids and a job which we enjoy and is overpaid; whatever our idea of success is we have about 6 months to make it happen.

Anyway I am not really going anywhere with this except in the direction of this handful of songs which are getting a lot of plays at the moment.



IntoTheNorthSea – Soon


Bon Iver – Skinny Love (Das Kapital rerub)


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