What a state. Why don’t you stay?

To Kill A King – Fictional State

Why does Soundcloud not have a repeat setting? I’m almost reluctant post this song tempting as it is to keep such beautiful music to myself. To Kill A King have always seemed to me to be one of those bands who will go woefully underheard, but for the people who do hear the love is strong. A band, a bit like The National were until recently, who you would hear everywhere except mainstream radio. But these guys could well be absolutely everywhere by the end of the year with some of the best songs I’ve heard thus far in 2011. Through Fictional State crystal clear sandy vocals carefully step across a fantastic blend of gorgeous melodies which evolves from simple-as-you-like one stringed guitar through to 5 guys giving it everything.

Spend the day with this band, you wont regret it.




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