What It Boils Down To

These songs have an essence of what my brother said – something of their being a slightly unpleasant listening experience – slightly uneasy and slightly nightmarish feeling. That essence of some surreal imaginary animals talking , or animals being really conscious and doing human things, like those elephants in the world of Barbar who at one point, confronted with war with the neighbouring rhinos, paint faces on their behinds and pretend to be massive faced monsters, all-lined up on a hill – a congregation of scary clown-looking elephant bottoms… and eventually scaring off their Rhino foes. But that’s it. I’ve found these songs scare off Rhino foes. In October I had plenty of rhino foes in the form of feelings and fears and whatever, these songs dance into the picture book and the rhinos scatter away. I had those classic questions, riddling my head in a tangle, questions like ‘what should I make my profile picture?’, ‘should I delete this status I just wrote?’, ‘should I post these songs I made on Garageband on the internet?’, classic questions. Enter in this EP, and all my questions are vanquished and replaced by Rice or Naan? Because basically that’s what it all comes down to. You may plague your head with a million different rhino-horned issues, you may query your self-conscious every minute of the day with those open-ended elephant insecurities, but what it boils down to is that time sitting down on the chair, at the table, with your knife and your fork, looking perplexed as the guy asks you if you want rice, or if you want naan. Nothing else matters now as the 5 songs on My Nurse Speaks German drift into your room to coax your surroundings, like something somewhere asking you something you weren’t thinking of before in a way that you somehow understand.


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