To give you guys a break from Dan’s relentless output I thought I’d drop in. Sprawling  out on Sunday afternoons with memories of Saturday night parties has been a passion of mine for a while. It’s always a test to find music that really suited the mood. Nicolas Jaar was a big favourite last year. More recently I’ve bumped into this fellow: Seawash. He takes you on wavy ambient journeys through drum delays and prodding basslines up towards the musical aether. With a name like Seawash what did you expect? It reminds me of slow-motion city-scape shots from grainy 90s films with car tail lights trailing through the night. Here’s a slice from his recent Pantomime EP: Pantomime. He has also done a beautifully gentle Boiler Room mix, which I’ve left below.

Well, I’m off to watch the Bronx. L8RZ!

Tom xx

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