Barack Obama’s presidency was in the hopeless honeymoon of its second term. Signing individually in the 2013 to Sturm and Klang Records, Wehtam Yelthgiek brought doob-hop into its maturity alongside fellow heads of the economic depression; in Texas, in Hildesheim, in Bristol and in Nice. SKR’s public translation accumulates and WY starts playing the guitar more, around the hay-day of ‘Islamic State’; his friend Drew (JH York) was playing more drums. Together at one of those bungalow gigs I saw them play hysterically hard-futurist numbers, the microphone got thrown about, screaming got like dancing: everyone screaming together, consuming the melody and the electric guitar. There was this whiskey that he made, two people fell in love, I saw them last month, the whiskey brewery has shut shop, chapter closed, tenancy ended.

Around a year later and WY has published a song using colombian internet, you can hear the Sturm and Klang sub-culture as much as it reminds me of those gigs. The artist coins the concept of loss like an improvisation, puts it in your hand and it’s worth infinity, the beat is similarly exchangeable. A lot of other post-2008 sub-cultures have been forgotten despite their religious-like followings, others are on terminal impending break, none of those are that way negative, some are visibly blooming into the oblivious outskirts of Economy as we speak -(https://boilerroom.tv/session/london-overmono/)… ..From Colombia, WY’s song sounds a beginning of time like the walls of Jericho. Today, the song materialises a bicultural like a love-story between two separate life stories.  LOST THE B does it with more dreaming venom than that whiskey tasted like, to and fro: in reality it’s all an antidote.

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