You, Song, Stimming

Currently writing a novel about ‘you’ because I’m fancifully interested in linguistics and pronouns. One thing to love in English is how you can mean you as you understand yourself but then you can also mean you (guys).

Understanding you in the latter plural sense rather than for the beautiful individual you are; understanding yourselves like that (or whatever understanding means) made this Song by Stimming a hell of a lot engaging much such that tingles were/are taking turns upon my spinal chords. I guess until now, I’d always focused on the -you- that I am, the singular, 2 years again, this song has composed itself completely entirely anew – hey presto.

“You are the composer” of this song, the moment you press play, the moment you initiate experience entirely, constantly.

Breathe. Imagine us pressing play: picture it, feel it, find it, take turns – sleep at some point


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