you”ll think i.e. /ve thought / something similar

PART /: you”ll think i.e.

On 13th December 2014, EXPLORER released MEMORIES/FANTASY. It’s a timeless number; each track could be the soundtrack to a prolonging deja-vu: the good kind though: the one in which you exclaim with a jerk of the knee because you just found things did what things did because you love what you love and you’re just big happy that the time passed without being reminded of something random like the fact that you’re never gonna ____ and that things are never going to ____

Like the feeling you get when your head gets swaying and the weather’s out loud and the thoughts don’t even need to try

Like the suffix of wordsickness
Lock down

Loch Ness Monster for crying out loud… something!

Things are free

Part //: /ve thought / something similar

something similar
something 2 passtthetimme
some regression

A lesson in the letters of the lesson A

in / of

something similar
rhyme n rhythm
writhing ‘rriving writing

Arriving on time to post time pre time now prefixed on the _______

You’ll ”l ”’lll

Nothing gEts tiring when you’Ve thought of somEthing similaR

This is a casual advertisement, as ever, this time for this time captured by

They’ve got the aesthetic tock tick ! and what things do when things are reviewed is that the things’ aesthetic are re-viewed, they are translated into something similar, something subjective; translate the object into stars or numbers or something similar, something to help you click / not-click / to help you move on / away / forward ” that’s right, we’re thinking something similar, i.e. we’re listening to something similar i.e.

/ meets / and now we’re good.

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